The book of FAMORIA

Imagine a world where lightning is not just found in the air, but also in the ground and in the water. A world in which humans have managed to capture and control bolts of lightning - or Pligks, as they are called here.


Welcome to FAMORIA

Land of the PLIGKS


As one of just a few children, 12-year-old Seelo is accepted into Wilnor – the prestigious School for Pligkology. Here, he will learn how to bend the most powerful element in Famoria to his will. But as soon as the school year begins, strange things start to happen. A professor dies, dark figures are seen creeping through the school, and a renowned fortune teller loses her mind. All these things seem to be linked to the traditional Game of Ravens that is organised by the school every year. This year, however, the rules of the game have changed. Seelo realises that his success in the game is vital, as he is playing for something very valuable indeed: 


his LIFE

The Author

David Narono lives with his winged horse Peggy and his stabet cat Cici in an old house by the sea. He will always remember the day when he was invited to take tea with members of the royal family. While enjoying tea and scones, he discussed the joy of flying on winged horses and the advantages of having a carriage drawn by a big cat with them. They all agreed with David's favourite piece of wisdom: our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.

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